Course curriculum

Awakening your life, connecting and aligning to your inner wisdom.

    1. Week 1 / Introduction/ Merlin /Keys and Codes/ Crystal Citrine / Tapping Gratitude and Thanks

    2. Facebook group

    1. Week 2 Diamond light calling back aspects of yourself/ Crystal Carnelian channel meditation/ EFT Fear of unknown welcoming back aspects of yourself!

    1. Week 3 /Ancestral Healing /Activating the feminine aspect of Amber/ Healing aspects of Amber/Symbol

    1. Week 4 Akashic Records/ Connecting and rewriting your Akashic Records/ Meditation with Desert Rose Quartz/ Symbol Merlin and Metatron/

    1. Week 5 Evergreen Throat Chakra/ Tapping in gratitude for voice/ Meditation Lapis Lazuli - Inner Child/Symbol/ Working with Merlin and Gwyneth clearing the throat!

    1. Week 6 Past Lives. Crystal Black Kyanite, Symbol Ankh, Tapping for gratitude for all past lives experiences. mp4

When Felicia and I came together to create this course. We put in all the blocks conscious and unconscious that we felt women in particular needed to work on!

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  • 8 hours of video content

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